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A Word from the President


After the summer heat, you gradually see the autumn colors aflame and then come the first frosty mornings. In a few weeks, a white carpet will cover our countryside.

Ah! The holiday season is approaching…


What could be more authentic than a traditional Christmas tree! This thousand-year-old tradition of a majestic conifer is sure to brighten up our family festivities. It embalms our homes with its subtle natural fresh fragrance. « Oh Tannebaum, Oh Christmas tree! How lovely are thy branches! ». Let us sing along in unison around the glistening tree! Do you know the German legend of Saint Boniface that qualifies as a miracle of the endurance of the young fir tree?


On the occasion of a family outing, visit a tree grower who offers a choose and cut operation. A small one, a tall one, a plump one… you have the pleasure of selecting together the Christmas tree that best suits your family and at the same time encouraging our local agricultural enterprises. To locate a producer near you, click on the button “choose & cut” on the right hand side of this page.


Wishing all our growers a successful harvest and enjoy a joyful holiday season.