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Would you like to learn more about tree and Christmas tree production, meet fellow entrepreneurs like yourself, participate in networking activities, or break the isolation? APANQ is here for you. Our association brings together multiple producers and is always looking for new members who are passionate about sector development.

Membership Benefits

The APANQ undertakes many projects for its members and is committed to:


By becoming a member of the APANQ you:

The APANQ is a member of the Canadian Christmas Tree Association / Association Canadienne des Producteurs d’Arbres de Noël.

Conditions and fees

Regular member

Accessible to any Quebec company actively operating in the production of Christmas trees and fir trees.

Groups and/or franchised companies must be registered as individual members to benefit from the same voting rights and advantages offered to APANQ’s associated partners.

Only regular members have the right to vote and the possibility of holding a position within the board of directors.

First-year membership:

  • flat rate of $150

Fees for subsequent years
(based on the number of trees sold):

  • 5,000 trees or less: $300
  • 5,000 to 10,000 trees sold: $500
  • More than 10,000 trees sold: $1,200

Other membership categories

You are not a producer of Christmas trees and wish to contribute to the development of the sector?

  • Corporate member: $500
A corporate member is a supplier of products and services related to the production of Christmas trees (e.g. machinery, equipment, fertilizers, tools, etc.) who wishes to contribute to the development of producers and the growth of the sector.

You are neither a Christmas tree producer nor a supplier, but wish to contribute to the development of the sector?

  • Associate member: $50

Any individual or organization interested in the activities of the APANQ (e.g. student, researcher, NPO, etc.), who does not derive any income from a Christmas tree production business and is not a supplier.


Display of your company’s contact information on the Canadian Christmas Tree Association website.
  • Flat rate $50

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