How to Choose and Maintain Your Tree

5 Tips from the pros, on how to choose, maintain and take care of your natural christmas tree

1. The Freshness Test

Gently squeeze a branch in your hand and pull it towards you. If the tree is fresh, only a few (5-10 needles) should remain in your hand. In hot, dry weather or when it is very cold expect to see more needles come off, this is normal.

2. Store your Tree in a cool place

Once purchased, keep the tree in a cold place, sheltered from the sun, such as in a garage or car shelter, until you are ready to install it in the home and decorate it.

3. Fresh cut and installing the tree stand

First, carefully cut the extremity of the tree trunk roughly 1-2 cm(1/2″ à 3/4”) from the bottom of the original cut. This should be done a maximum of four hours before you are ready to install and water the tree. Failing to make a fresh cut could lead to the tree being unable to absorb any water which could dry it out faster. Avoid removing any bark on the tree as this is how the water is transported throughout the tree. Feel free to lay a bag around the base of your stand so that when you remove the tree after the holidays you will be able to wrap the base of the tree in the plastic. We recommend using a christmas tree stand that holds at least 4 liters of water and that is of sufficient capacity for the size of the tree. A larger tree generally requires a wider stand.

4. Daily upkeep

Your tree is thirsty! Check the water level in the stand every day to make sure that the tree does not dry out. A newly installed tree can drink as much as 4 liters during the first day it is installed, and 1 liter per day afterwards. If you notice the tree is starting to dry out due to lack of water, proceed to make another fresh cut on the tree and follow step 3.

5. Recycling

After the holidays, when the time comes to take down the tree, wrap the tree in the bag that is under your stand including the stand. Once outside and lying down you will be able to remove your stand from the base of the tree for next year. Don’t forget your tree is 100% recyclable. Contact your municipality for details.

Don't forget! Your tree is 100% recyclable. Contact your municipality for details.

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