How to recycle

How to recycle your Christmas Tree?

Here are some ideas to ecologically dispose of your tree:

Donate your tree so that it can be transformed into mulch, compost or into logs, which is often offered by the municipalities. Feel free to contact your local municipality to find out more on their specific Christmas tree recycling program in your region.

Place the tree in your yard or garden as a habitat for wildlife such as birds and insects. Make sure that the tree is properly secured if placed standing.


If you purchased a potted christmas tree, you can transplant it in the spring outside.

Use a wood chipper to process the tree into wood chips or mulch for your property or community garden.

Cut your tree into smaller pieces and use it in your outdoor fire pit or stove.

Create a scent stick using the needles from your tree or create other DIY projects like Christmas tree scented candles.

If there is no recycling program in your municipality or you have an idea for a great project, why not propose it to your municipality and local environmental organizations. No matter which method you use to dispose of your tree, remember that you are offering the tree a second life and are concretely helping the environment by having purchased a real tree.